Tibetan Singing Bowl 7 Metals 25.4 cm 10 Healing Meditation Professional Shiva

Tibetan Singing Bowl 7 Metals 25.4 cm 10 Healing Meditation Professional Shiva
Tibetan Singing Bowl 7 Metals 25.4 cm 10 Healing Meditation Professional Shiva
Tibetan Singing Bowl 7 Metals 25.4 cm 10 Healing Meditation Professional Shiva
Tibetan Singing Bowl 7 Metals 25.4 cm 10 Healing Meditation Professional Shiva
Tibetan Singing Bowl 7 Metals 25.4 cm 10 Healing Meditation Professional Shiva
Tibetan Singing Bowl 7 Metals 25.4 cm 10 Healing Meditation Professional Shiva
Tibetan Singing Bowl 7 Metals 25.4 cm 10 Healing Meditation Professional Shiva
Tibetan Singing Bowl 7 Metals 25.4 cm 10 Healing Meditation Professional Shiva

Tibetan Singing Bowl 7 Metals 25.4 cm 10 Healing Meditation Professional Shiva

Outstanding Quality for healing, therapy, meditation and music playing. Diameter 25.4 cm / 10 inch. Tibetan Singing Bowl hand made of 7 metals according to traditional eco-friendly methods by professional artisans in Nepal. Here is an extraordinary Tibetan singing bowl, made with the highest quality one may find in a modern singing bowl. It is hand made according to the ancient Tibetan artisan tradition, with hand decorated metal etching.

The bowl is made of a traditional seven metal alloy which represent the seven planets that were known in the ancient times (Gold, Silver, Mercury, Copper, Iron, Zinc, Led). These singing bowls are especially suitable for deep healing work, for meditation and for playing relaxing musical notes. Yes, we have them in various sizes from 10cm (4 inch) up to 25.4cm (10 inch). NOTE: The price includes a Tibetan Singing Bowl, a Mallet striker and a beautiful silk ring cushion.

Also notice: We cannot guarantee the color of the silk ring cushion. You may write and ask for a specific color. If we carry it we will provide it. Otherwise, we will provide whatever color is in stock. Sound sample of playing with a leather hammer mallet.

There are minor differences in the sound between various bowls. "Shiva" Seven Metal Tibetan Singing Bowl. Special alloy of 7 metals: (Gold, Silver, Mercury, Copper, Iron, Zinc, Led). Hand made metal etching for decoration.

25.4cm / 10 inch Approx. 1.6-1.8 Kg / 3.53-3.97 lb. La (F) 695Hz/173Hz Fa Flat (D) 138Hz. What are Tibetan Singing Bowls Used For? Chakras are energy centers in the body.

In Sanskrit Chakra means "Wheel" or "Circular movement". The energy in a balanced Chakra moves in a circle. When a Chakra is out of balance it directly affects our physical and emotional well being, since the body's energetic layout is disturbed. Also, each Chakra is responsible for one of our main endocrine (hormonal) glands.

The fact that sound has a positive, balancing effect on the Chakras was known for thousands of years. In the Tantra tradition Chakra healing using sounds is being practiced. In Tibet, Tibetan singing bowls are being used for Chakra healing and balance.

It isn't true that each Chakra has its own specific note. It is a marketing myth which has been spread in the West over the past two decades.

Therefore, do not necessarily look for a mach between the tone and the Chakras. Beyond that, Tibetan singing bowls are not musically tuned. Especially not hand made bowls.

The way in which the sound from the bowls balances the Chakras is through harmony of frequencies. There is no real way of telling which frequencies of a Chakra and a Tibetan singing bowl form a harmony in a given moment. What is right is choosing a bowl according to our intuition and what is pleasant to our ear. Serious healers equip themselves with several bowls of various types and sizes, so they have a decent variety to choose from for a given situation.

The choice is not scientific. It is much more channeled and intuitive. Frequently, our client will also provide a very precise feedback as to which sounds are currently required for healing and balance. Tibetan singing bowls are being used for direct and indirect healing.

In a direct manner, the bowls are being placed on the body and the healer plays the bowl. The frequency vibrates through the body and harmonizes with it. It is an amazingly effective healing technique.

When using an especially large bowl (25.4 cm / 10 inch) it can be worn directly on the head and played on. It is effective for treating headaches and general relaxation.

Indirectly, the healing is achieved through Chakra balancing and general relaxation. Those who are accustomed with meditation which is accompanied with Tibetan singing bowls will immediately enter a relaxed state when they hear the dinging bowl's sound. Meditation is a state of super awareness while obtaining a high level of inner silence and attentiveness.

Meditation has many significant, proven mental, emotional, spiritual and health advantages. Tibetan dinging bowls clearly help us get into a meditative state through harmony.

Harmony puts us in focus and helps us feel one with the cosmos and creation. The sound of the bowls quiet the mind and help us connect with our inner selves. Tibetan singing bowls are marvelous musical instruments. The sound of the bowls beautifully harmonizes with those of other instruments.

The smaller bowls provide a local, sharp, short range sound presence, while large bowls would provide a very low, long background tone. Our "Shiva" 25.4 cm / 10 inch bowls for instance, may play between 1.5-2 minutes per a single stroke.

One of the peculiar phenomena of playing Tibetan singing bowls is that the bowls (medium-large) produce significant overtones. Most bowls have a basic note and one to two secondary notes which can be at a large tonal distance from one another. To play a present, sharp, local note, a leather striker or mallet is being used, sometimes even using the wooden side of the striker. To play a basic background note, a felt covered striker is being used.

The sound is softer, dimmed. How to play a Tibetan Singing Bowl?

Place the singing bowl on a spread palm of the hand. Try to touch the bowl as little as possible with your fingers, but beware not to drop it. Strike the bowl with a striker and enjoy the sound. You can also turn the leather or wood parts of the striker against the bowl's upper ridge, thus generating friction which causes a continuous sound to be played. This technique requires a lot more practice to produce a clean sound.

How to determine the quality of a Tibetan Singing Bowl? The quality of a Tibetan Singing Bowl depends on several factors. Metal constitution: Simple bowls are made of brass. Better bowls are made of Bronze. Even better bowls are made of a seven metal alloy.

Wall thickness: Thin walled bowls (usually hand made) tend to produce a high quality long sound. There are however, exceptions to the rule on either side. Bowl Wholeness: A cracked bowl generates a faulty sound or does not produce any sound at all. (This is why it is so important to keep it from falling). Alloy metal uniformity: In a top quality bowl, the alloy (mix of metals) is uniform. You can not know it without a laboratory testing, but you can tell the difference in quality of sound. Eventually, what really determines is how a specific bowl feels and sounds like, specifically for you. How to choose a striker? There are mainly two types of strikers. Felt strikers produce a softer, damper sound, suitable for quiet playing and meditation. Leather strikers produce a sharper, present, more pronounced long sound which is used for most purposes. Playing on the bowl rim can be done with either the wood or leather parts of the striker. Felt is completely unsuitable for that purpose. For smaller bowls, a small leather topped striker is best.

For most sized we would recommend purchasing both felt and leather strikers. They really don't cost that much. For the very large bowls (20 cm / 8 inch and up) a mallet striker is best. It is larger and can produce a vibrant, extensive sound. But beautiful sounds can also be produced by using the regular felt and leather strikers.

Which Tibetan Singing Bowls Suits Me Best? We provide three types of singing bowls. All are of great quality. The Brass, machine made bowls are suitable for general usage.

They are for home, for meditation and for playing here and there pleasant sounds for fun. Our "Shakti" Bronze, machine made and hand decorated with metal etching are mainly being used for meditation, healing and Chakra balancing.

These bowls are of higher quality and are also suitable for professionals. They are heavy and are especially perfect for playing on the bowls rim. Our "Shiva" Seven metals, completely hand made and decorated and the top quality ones. They are best for deep healing purposes, for Chakra balancing and meditation. They are especially suitable for professional use. The bowls are provided in different diameters (sizes). The larger the bowl is, the lower the note and longer is the playing duration. For healing and balancing work, the larger bowls are mainly intended for the lower Chakras and the smaller bowls are mainly intended for the higher Chakras. There is no exact science here. Listen to the sounds of the bowls and feel what speaks to you. Although a Tibetan Singing Bowl is made of metal, it is extremely sensitive. If a Tibetan Singing Bowl falls to the floor, it might crack and stop playing!

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Tibetan Singing Bowl 7 Metals 25.4 cm 10 Healing Meditation Professional Shiva